Blah. I'm exhausted, and just not feeling well today... woke up and as I was walking to my morning class, just decided that I wasn't feeling up to it, and didn't go. Don't think I'll go to my afternoon class either... I've actually gotten a whole lot worse about that, and it's not a good thing O_O I just don't seem to care anymore about class... far too much effort -_-

On the plus side, my muse seems to have returned in a slightly better mood. Yesterday, I believe, (if you talked to me about art ever in H.S., this will make sense) I started to see people / things in an artistic sense again. That is, as a person walks by, just unconciously visualizing strands of hair as vibrant soft pastels, or seeing trees as I was driving home as wet oil paint blotches. It's a very cool feeling, and I wish I had more time to act upon it and sit down and draw something. Maybe later.

Oh yeah, and I'm hoping to do this at some point, since the last photo project I did was A Day in the Life and I really do enjoy them. Anyhow - off to waste some more time not being particulary productive...

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