What now?

So what do I really, genuinely want?

Right now, I want to play some games, to relax and check out a little bit. I want to spend times with friends and have deep, philosophical conversations. I want to spend a lot of time with family again (immediate and extended). I want to get more active and healthy. I want to cull down as much as possible (physically and mentally) in my life until I'm down to the bare necessities of what I need.

How about after that?

I want to create. I want to play end make things that deliver joy and happiness in the world. I want to be around people who are better than me and push me. I want to spend my time working on the next big thing, not because of the success, but because it would be awesome to see it exist in the world. I want to laugh all the time, and I want to be around people that I love and love me and where we augment the good in each other and help remove the bad. I want to learn, I want to grow, I want to inspire and be inspired.

And before I die?

I want to explore and see what the world has to offer. I want to spend my life with an adventure buddy that gets me that I can be totally honest with and who helps me as much as I help them, in the excellent times and the really terrible times. I want to spend every moment of my life with passion and joy, through every action I take and every situation I'm in. I want to help people and teach people, from kids to adults, my own family or others. I want to realize my potential for myself and those that I love.


The creative process

Check out these two absolute, must read articles on creativity: The Creativity Crisis and Forget Brainstorming


True creativity

An excellent article on the creative process, and how much of it really needs to come from one person. It's interesting to think that so many years of brainstorming may not have been the most effective way to approach things. I do think brainstorming has its benefits, but it usually isn't for that initial creative, really 'out of the box' idea, I think.

Also, for the absolutely nerdiest of the nerdy (seriously, you have to be a mega-nerd engineer, I think) - there's a hilarious tutorial on Mercurial and an equally funny comparison of Git vs Mercurial, since distributed version control systems are all the rage now. Seriously, don't click on those links unless you need a saturation of programmer nerdiness.



I always love coming across indie that seem to stand out - personally, I loved the music and presentation in this most recent flash game. Check it out.


Indie Games Go!

Lots of awesome indie style arty games on the horizon. Check out these potential XBLA gems:


And from That Game Company:


Awesome! Can't wait! Vive le gaming revolution!