Nozomi81: jello?
savadri: shots.
savadri: ;-)
Nozomi81: rubber?
savadri: um... latex?
savadri: jello shots i know.
Nozomi81: indeed........
Nozomi81: hahahha :-P
savadri: rubbers are more ambiguous
Nozomi81: I think the appropriate response would be.....
savadri: in this case at least
savadri: hell
Nozomi81: ducky! :-P
Nozomi81: no, not hell
Nozomi81: rubber hell just doesn't make sense -_-
savadri: might as well admit it
savadri: rubbers arent jsut ambiguous, they're full on foreign
savadri: to me
savadri: at this point
savadri: :-\
Nozomi81: indeed....


Yeah... got bad news from home today... crap... =(

Nothing ridiculously drastic, but...
crap... =(


BoonedockSaint23: obviously outliers who did not accuarately represent the popluation butI enjoy the site of stupid people recoiling from logic


oookay, no time to really post, so this'll be quick. Went to NODA this weekend (National Orientation Directors Association) and it went spectacularly, our MP presentation looked really good, even though none of us slept, and we got a great response from the people that attented. Now, one of the BEST parts of the weekend was the fact that our Diversity group won the showcase of the confrence! It was truly AMAZING! Their presentation was very sharp, and I can't think of any other presentation that deserved it. The actions and attitude of our OAs over the entire weekend was one of the best there, and I am truly proud. The only way to end this post is as thus:

This year's returning group of Orientation Advisors is quite possibly the best group of people I have ever worked with in my life. Thank you so much for realize every day why I knew that, deep down, I needed to return to this program for a third year. ^_^


BoonedockSaint23: hey man hows life?
Nozomi81: busy
Nozomi81: got a CS project due tommorow -_-
BoonedockSaint23: ok I will leave you with this thought.....
BoonedockSaint23: we have had 2 feet of snow transforming the grey wall into a majestic winter wonderland... and as I admire this small piece of beuaty I am smacked in the head as my buddy thows his pet, a dead pigion he found frozen in the snow, at me
BoonedockSaint23: yeah........
Nozomi81: ...
BoonedockSaint23: wel, seya
Hee hee hee, fun Japanese instructors make me happy ^_^

So I asked my last semester Japanese teacher for a rec letter for a scholarship, (giving her very little time) because I just recently got the application, and after she said she couldn't do it for time issues, I emailed her back telling her how much FUN her class was, because I honestly did enjoy it a lot (I didn't email her that earlier to make it sound like I was sucking up for a good rec letter) Anyways, she sent me back a thank you, and told me I made her day. But anyways, the funny part is this:

I am sending you positive KI. Hope you can get the scholarship.

Yay! I got positive KI! ^_^ Anyways, I thought it was cool...
Ohhhh.... pretty photoshop link.... ^_^


ARRRRGHHH!!!! IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! .... well, the end of the world as I know it, anyways. Just everything in the world appears to be going wrong at the moment. The only exception to that would be Kim. She seems to be stickin' around ^_~ Anyways, yeah. Everything is just piling on top of one another, and I have NO idea what to do with all of it. O_O Let's see.... NODA is coming up, lots of work, MP has a lot of work, I need to write a program, learn Director, teach other people, teach karate, spend time at home, draw, do third year work, I was accused of stealing on Ebay, had to deal with that, invested 80 dollars into some things I am trying to sell on Ebay, which NOONE is buying, my auditions / callbacks didn't go to well, but it's a lose / lose situation, if I don't get a part, that would suck, but if I do get a part, it means more work, I have to figure out what I'm going to do because one of the rec letters I thought I was going to get was turned down, for a HUGE scholarship due on TUESDAY!, I have a CS assignment due Tuesday, two tests coming next week that I'm SO not ready for, and I have decisions to make VERY soon in the near future! SOMEBODY STOP THE WORLD, I WANNA GET OFF!!!


So, uhm, yeah. The only good thing is that this weekend was very relaxing. I forced myself to take a few days off, and just spend time with Kim. It was very nice. ^_^ The only shame is that I won't be able to do something like that again for a VERY long time. -_-

Go to Vertical Horizon and go listen to "Inside"... cool song

Oh, and Mike, I swear, I'm not trying to blow you off, it's just been a DAMN long day...

Wow, this layout is boring, I wonder if I'll ever get around to changing it..... -_-

Anyways, it's late, it's gonna be a long week, so I'm gonna crash. If anyone reads this, leave me some love.


Saw Clinton speak, very cool, very eloquent. Wish I could add more, but my head hurts LIKE HELL... have to update later -_-


Large emotional dilemna at the moment. And for once in my life... I think I'm going to go to the support / opinions of my close friends for this one. So, if you are a close friend of mine, don't be suprised if I IM you in the near future. =\
I realize there is probably no one that reads this, and that it's not even fully done (ie the links on the left) but I scraped up my old commenting account, so leave me a message! ^_^
OAAA had an awesome hookup for our committee (I apologize for anyone that has no idea what that is). But we ran around campus a little, and went to Mt. Bonnell, then Mozarts, and ended up at Dave & Busters. It was a BLAST! I also really think that MP and PPOE enjoyed it. Thanks so much OAAA and Chris and Jennifer! ^_^


Oh so tired... BUT, got a nice good workout, and had a very successful teaching session w/ Brent and Bobby. They both seem really excited about the whole training thing, which is really awesome. Makes me realize what Chamal was talking about when he wanted to JUST teach... I should talk to him sometime. Yeah, it's classes like that that make me consider just teaching karate for a living... O_O I think I need to just figure out what to do TODAY, or THIS WEEK, or THIS SEMESTER, or THIS YEAR before I start figuring out what to do as a carreer *sigh* -_-
Let's see... haven't used a blog in quite a while... well, I'm really not that interesting... so why not start with a link, to what I think is a really cool online comic.