oookay, no time to really post, so this'll be quick. Went to NODA this weekend (National Orientation Directors Association) and it went spectacularly, our MP presentation looked really good, even though none of us slept, and we got a great response from the people that attented. Now, one of the BEST parts of the weekend was the fact that our Diversity group won the showcase of the confrence! It was truly AMAZING! Their presentation was very sharp, and I can't think of any other presentation that deserved it. The actions and attitude of our OAs over the entire weekend was one of the best there, and I am truly proud. The only way to end this post is as thus:

This year's returning group of Orientation Advisors is quite possibly the best group of people I have ever worked with in my life. Thank you so much for realize every day why I knew that, deep down, I needed to return to this program for a third year. ^_^

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