Dream car

Do you have a dream car? I do. It's a commemorative edition LeMans blue C5 Chevy Corvette, and it might be the most beautiful piece of machinery man has ever created. And whats worse is that fate seems to be taunting me with it, since it would appear that I've seen these (somewhat rare because of the color and the fact that the C6 has alreayd come out) on multiple occassions - twice today! On the drive to / from work.

So pretty. Maybe one day - for now, I'm quite happy with my vehicular combo at the moment: the Firebird, the Thundercat, and the Mustang. Now if only I had the time to give them the care they (and many, many others things in my life deserve)...
One long day

Have you ever woke up, got ready, hopped in the car and heard the exact same song playing on the radio as the one from the night before? It's a bizarre little feeling. Yesterday it was that crazy song by the new song by the Pussycat Dolls, When I Grow Up. Needless to say when your brain is a pile of tappioca from crunching for two weeks, a little bit of high pitched pop about rock starlets that wanted to grow up to be rock starlets is not the way I would choose to start my day. It made it feel like one continuous, 48 hour workfest. But, it's Friday, and only good can come of that - hooray weekend! :)