A good friend knows when to stop:

BoonedockSaint23: hey

Auto response from Nozomi81: FUCK YOU ALL
I'll give the first person to shoot me in the head $100
And right now, I'm not sure if I would stop someone who would do it.
Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to go throw up, so fuck off

BoonedockSaint23: such hostility....
Nozomi81: yeah
BoonedockSaint23: peace man peace...
BoonedockSaint23: what up?
Nozomi81: not now Nolan,
Nozomi81: just...
Nozomi81: not now
BoonedockSaint23: ok
Nozomi81: I've gotta work for the next few days
BoonedockSaint23: seey aand good luck
Nozomi81: thanx
Nozomi81: have a good one
BoonedockSaint23: you too
BoonedockSaint23: bye
Nozomi81: later

thanks Sean


I don't want to close my eyes... god, keep me awake.
I had forgotten how wonderful it feels to hear live music, the exhiliration, the energy - oh, it makes me happy. ^_^ And it was a band I LOVE! And even better than that, they played Wash Away! ^_^


(I'll try and post some pics soon)


Oh oh OH!!! So we DO have a title for the CD....


Everything you ever wanted to know about Longhorn Life, and a lot of things you never knew you wanted to know.

Yay! ^_^


For those of you who are interested... here is the template for this summer's ______ CD! (yes, it's blank, no we do NOT have a title yet, and YES, it is due this monday....)

Sample page

And you need the shockwave player - if you don't have it, go here first.
What... the... hell...? o_O

Wario Ware

I want them both! ^_^
YEAH! TAKE THAT YOU F***ING #@*&T(^#@#(*^)@#))#$%&@$)!_)@#($* DAMN CS PROJECT, I SHOWED YOU!!! HAHAHAHHAHHA!!!!!! .... with a whole 5 minutes to spare! TAKE THAT!!!! .....

now to the rest of the work I need to do....
oh, and to see a snippet of what I have been killing myself over, check this out

Peecture 1
Peecture 2

FRIGGIN CS PROJECT!!! FRIGGIN COMPU-TAUR!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I'm done...



Yay - just what I need! (sorry, this is a post to myself, so I can check this site tommorow on campus)


This was commented on about the post on 4/14/03 at 12:40, and I found it entertaining, so I posted it. So there.

Hey dude, bare witness for I have much to say¡K Michael is a very talented writer (though never unassuming ƒº ) so he can color the past well. But, even now as I sit here in The Federal Penitentiary of West Point lamenting the misery to which I have grown so accustomed, I never forget one important fact¡KHIGH SCHOOL SUCKED.
Do you not remember the test cramming, the stupid and small minded teachers, the misery of being on the verge of adulthood yet steeped in the mire of childhood restrictions? Most importantly, do you not remember being at the mercy of the most fearsome and evil creature in the Universe¡K.The High school girl? Ever ripping at your heartstrings and mercilessly toying with your soul with their indecisiveness and ability to refuse you but yet not absolve you of your responsibilities to tend to them. I remember many phone calls from both of us complaining about our many battle wounds, I remember the 2 am conversations. Those were not the days my friend...the days are now. Romanticize not the past, instead treasure the present-even though it may seem painful. And remember no matter how bad it gets we never have to go back to Ms Reddings class.

Sean from WP
oooooooh boy, IM me if you wanna hear something FUNNY =P

oooh, and I'll kill you, Sean =P


BoonedockSaint23: but then again Sean V 2.0 does not liek to take crap :-)
NozomiYume: HAHAHA
NozomiYume: I still love the fact you self-upgraded yourself :-P
BoonedockSaint23: I enjoy it
BoonedockSaint23: I have loads of new feautres
NozomiYume: such as?
BoonedockSaint23: complete with added muscle, explosives handling, target marksmensship and mother fucking backbone and a cool haircut...:-)
NozomiYume: *laughs*
NozomiYume: ooohhh, flashy! 8-)
Two words. Old school.

QSM - Endgame
D&D - Turd Edition

Those were the days.


Nozomi81: Honors day sctuff
BoonedockSaint23: honors day?
Nozomi81: for all those ppl with a 3.5 or above
Nozomi81: Kim has a 4.0 -_-
BoonedockSaint23: 0don't you have like a 3.6?
Nozomi81: well, at the moment...
Nozomi81: 3.9
BoonedockSaint23: seriously then....
BoonedockSaint23: SHUT UP!!!!your obviously doing pretty damn well up there
Nozomi81: not THIS semester... -_-
BoonedockSaint23: while some of us are just trying to frigging pass school
Nozomi81: hey, I'm there right now..
Nozomi81: friggin classes...
BoonedockSaint23: oh you will pull a miracle as you always do but your 3.9 might falltoa 3.8
BoonedockSaint23: and then of course the only option would be scuicide
BoonedockSaint23: :-)
Nozomi81: glad to know you understand me :-D
BoonedockSaint23: hey man all I am saying is put your full effort in life but never forget the important things like the fact that you have a girl who loves you and all your fingers and toes, stress don't help do don't give it the time of day
Nozomi81: heh
Nozomi81: nice way of putting it
I don't take very well to being FUCKED on something I've worked really hard on... and I'm not going to take it... something will be done, be it this year, or another. We'll just have to wait and see... (For people who are concerned, I'm not mad at Kim or anything)

Mood: Motherf***ing pissed off... >:o


Art is a vision... don't lose sight of it... - Retrospective 1999

Look through the world in a shade only you can see - notice the things in life that are beautiful to you, be it the stars, a picture, blobs of paint on a canvas, doodles on ths side of a page of notes, or a simple daydream.

Find beauty in this world - it's there - we just have to look for it.


Sometimes there are things in life that really make you happy to be alive, happy to be who you are.
That's really awesome, this is the kind of person I love to be, and I wish I could be more often.

Nozomi81: how's everything else going - you and P----- doing well?
guyinblack25: it got really really really rocky, but things are great now
guyinblack25: i really got to thank you man
guyinblack25: it took a while for what you said to sink in
guyinblack25: but i'm glad you met with me
Nozomi81: dude, don't worry about it at all, it just makes me glad I could help out
Nozomi81: it makes me really happy to know that I could be there, and really glad you two are doing well
guyinblack25: thanks
Nozomi81: not a problem at all, that's what your friends are here for :-)
guyinblack25: thanks man
Nozomi81: anytime, anytime
guyinblack25: you're one of the few true friends i have in this world
Nozomi81: dude.... that really means a lot to me, in all seriousness... thanks