A good friend knows when to stop:

BoonedockSaint23: hey

Auto response from Nozomi81: FUCK YOU ALL
I'll give the first person to shoot me in the head $100
And right now, I'm not sure if I would stop someone who would do it.
Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to go throw up, so fuck off

BoonedockSaint23: such hostility....
Nozomi81: yeah
BoonedockSaint23: peace man peace...
BoonedockSaint23: what up?
Nozomi81: not now Nolan,
Nozomi81: just...
Nozomi81: not now
BoonedockSaint23: ok
Nozomi81: I've gotta work for the next few days
BoonedockSaint23: seey aand good luck
Nozomi81: thanx
Nozomi81: have a good one
BoonedockSaint23: you too
BoonedockSaint23: bye
Nozomi81: later

thanks Sean

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