This was commented on about the post on 4/14/03 at 12:40, and I found it entertaining, so I posted it. So there.

Hey dude, bare witness for I have much to say¡K Michael is a very talented writer (though never unassuming ƒº ) so he can color the past well. But, even now as I sit here in The Federal Penitentiary of West Point lamenting the misery to which I have grown so accustomed, I never forget one important fact¡KHIGH SCHOOL SUCKED.
Do you not remember the test cramming, the stupid and small minded teachers, the misery of being on the verge of adulthood yet steeped in the mire of childhood restrictions? Most importantly, do you not remember being at the mercy of the most fearsome and evil creature in the Universe¡K.The High school girl? Ever ripping at your heartstrings and mercilessly toying with your soul with their indecisiveness and ability to refuse you but yet not absolve you of your responsibilities to tend to them. I remember many phone calls from both of us complaining about our many battle wounds, I remember the 2 am conversations. Those were not the days my friend...the days are now. Romanticize not the past, instead treasure the present-even though it may seem painful. And remember no matter how bad it gets we never have to go back to Ms Reddings class.

Sean from WP

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