Sometimes there are things in life that really make you happy to be alive, happy to be who you are.
That's really awesome, this is the kind of person I love to be, and I wish I could be more often.

Nozomi81: how's everything else going - you and P----- doing well?
guyinblack25: it got really really really rocky, but things are great now
guyinblack25: i really got to thank you man
guyinblack25: it took a while for what you said to sink in
guyinblack25: but i'm glad you met with me
Nozomi81: dude, don't worry about it at all, it just makes me glad I could help out
Nozomi81: it makes me really happy to know that I could be there, and really glad you two are doing well
guyinblack25: thanks
Nozomi81: not a problem at all, that's what your friends are here for :-)
guyinblack25: thanks man
Nozomi81: anytime, anytime
guyinblack25: you're one of the few true friends i have in this world
Nozomi81: dude.... that really means a lot to me, in all seriousness... thanks

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