Alright, I am officially completely burned out. I've been trying since Sunday to convince myself to write my 15 pg paper(s) for my history class, but haven't been able to get the energy to do so. And now, here about 27 hours before it's due, I have yet to START. This is not good, but I just am completely and totally burned out. Too much work in the last month of school, and I have no drive to get anything done (doesn't help that I hage a HUGE project to work on after I finish this paper...) And even then, it's hard to think about other stuff right now:

- don't know what to do about the summer, still haven't heard back from Sony Online, and that decision will change my summer and fall semesters (have to re-register for classes)

- looks like I'm probably gonna lose over 250 dollars to this bastard pulling a scam on me through Paypal, cuz Paypal support pretty much says I'm screwed, but I still have to wait for their investigations committee to finish

- still have finals after all these projects, and then people's gradutions, and planning for my sister's, and then immediatelly summer

The only things I actually have accomplished was to finally install gaim on my home machines - FAR superior to AIM, in my opinion. And install SpamBayes - this is what learning algorithms are all about! =P

Whee. anyways, I need to get this paper done... somehow need to find energy to do it...
oy. burned out. -_-



Alright, so I haven't posted in a long time, because I've been grumpy for a while now... and I still am, about some dumb stuff I don't feel like going into. But on the plus side - thanks so much to all of you that commented on my last post, that really made my day / week when I needed it. Anyways I don't feel like typing a million paragraphs - so here's some links! =P

The future of vision. (from Dev)
The joy of spyware -_-
Difficult gaming
Game developer's quality of life
I've been photoblogged! Strange pic, though...
Wha!? I haven't even played the first one yet!
Need to get around to doing thins... you should do it too!

There - entertain yourself - perhaps those nerdy links helped you procrastinate from the final you really should be studying for, or something else you should inevitably doing. =P