Wow... we showed off the Longhorn Life CD that the Multimedia / Publicity Committee put so much work into to the orientation staff, and got a STANDING OVATION! ^_^ It's so awesome to see that everyone enjoyed the CD, and that people will get use out of it. It makes all the work worthwhile. Thanks to every OA out there. ^_^


Ah, a quote for the books -

Jeff as he sees a clip of the streaking video (will probably be explained later)

"The orientees are gonna crap!"


More to update soon... MUCH more to update
5/19/03 - 4:52 PM

I just talked to the WORST voice recognition software EVER!!! And for all you Sprint users out there, YES, IT IS WORSE THAN CLAIRE! Because of the bullshittedness of Microsoft, it forced me to reactivate XP, BUUUUT, since I'm in Jester, I can't get to the internet yet, so I had to call Microsoft... BIG MISTAKE... on my cell phone, too, since I don't have a phone in here.... Anyways, they had me answer yes or no questions to this REALLY crappy voice recognition software, and read a damn 48 DIGIT code to it!!! ARGH! And worse than that, it had to read back a 42 digit code to me! Column A is... 4........... 6.......... 7.......... I was about to shoot myself... yet again...



Well, I'm unplugging my comp t move back into Jester... fuuuun o_O Anyways, Turtle looks better than yesterday, which is good ^_^, but he still has some healiing to do, so I can't take him with me to Jester yet. Anyways, Workshop is this week... LOTS of work, so I might not be updating for a while, but rest assured, I'll probably be going nuts in the next few days, so I doubt you'll have wanted to hear from me anyhow =P


I think my fish, Turtle might be dying... I hope not, and in fact, probably not. I freaked out when I first saw it, because it looked like Dropsy which is the cancer of fishes. So, I went nuts to search for a cure at 9:30 on a Sunday, only to end up at a Walmart, tearing along the way (yeah, so sue me, I like him) Luckily Kim was keeping me at least a little sane. But... after coming back, it looks a little more like Swim Bladder Disorder, which they can usually live through... But regardless, he's floating at the top on his side and not moving at all sometimes and frantically swimming around when he's not, and he just looks like he's in so much pain... :'-( Anyways, I can't just sit here and watch him like this, I have to leave... :'-(

Mood: Teary :'-(

Any of you out there that care, pray for my fish... please?


Ahh, eloquence at its best. =P

BoonedockSaint23: besides I am in the army, I kill people I dont need to be smart

Sorry Sean, I thought it was funny ^_^


Wow. The Matrix: Reloaded = Mindfuck. That's mindfuck with a capitol 'M'


Woo hoo! Decided to put up pictures of me and a few of my close friends. Check them out! Leave comments! ^_^
Alright, so the semester is over, and the official countdown to workshop for orientation is 4 days 18 hrs 19min 13 seconds. There is just waaaay too much to be done before then.. and the time never stops... =\ This semester didn't really go well w/ the grades, but it's done now, that's what matters... anyways, still a lot to go, a lot to do... so, I'm off to work - yay! =P
Nozomi81: all I gots a mopeeedd.....
Nozomi81: mpoeeedddd
Nozomi81: mopeeeeedd... :-P
Raging Aardvark: blowing for soup?
Raging Aardvark: *bolwing
Raging Aardvark: iugfhliuba
Raging Aardvark: bowling
Nozomi81: hahahhahaah
Nozomi81: yes
Nozomi81: :-P
Raging Aardvark: blowing for soup -_-
Raging Aardvark: that's desperation
Nozomi81: hahahhahahahaa
Nozomi81: indeed
Nozomi81: tis :-P


May 10th was Mayday!

Here's my Mayday...

Alright, to preface this day: I had just finished a month of school and work HELL, including multiple HUGE projects, CD development and tons of finals (still not done) so this day was rather relaxing and uneventful... ^_^

Woke up nice and late into the day

Decided to do something I haven't done in a loong time, play a video game (Metroid Prime on hard)

Decided to clean up some and relax (for those of you that don't know me, the girl next to me is my wonderful girlfriend Kim)

And back to some Metriod Prime

Some more relaxing and Metroid (my computer to make sure to get all the Red Entries) and the living room trashed in the background from the giant CD project

Meeting people on campus to record voices for Orientation this summer

Recording each person reading letters

Out to dinner at a GREAT greek restaurant

And back at home, into comfy clothes, relaxing

Trying yet again, to get everything in Metroid Prime

Ohhhh, still trying, making sure to get things you only get one chance to get

WOW! That's a LOT of laundry that needs to be done! (because of the last month or so being so busy... haven't really gotten a chance... )

A nice 11pm snack, some goood leftover Chinese food from Bamboo Garden

And, last but not least, trying DESPERATELY to do this 100 piece puzzle, a photomosaic, and as you can see, it took over the floor of the bedroom

That's all! Make sure to check out the Mayday site to look at other people's days...

(And I think that this should be done more often... it's a lot of fun ^_^)


Cool link - check it out ^_^

Top 100 games of all time

#3 is my personal favorite ^_^


Life is a truly feeble thing. I just heard earlier today that a friend of mine from a few years back died last night. He was really happy, and two years ago he found out he had cancer. Today was the day. The human life is a very frail thing. Experience it.

Here's to you, Ryan, may you rest in peace.


*laughs* - apparently I need to see X2; this is what my friend has to say about it:

"Oh, and for those of you who have seen X2. Nightcrawler...damn.... that was amazing. He's there..poof..no he's over there...poof..three people down...poof...poof... WOW! I so want to be able to do that. *laughs*"



You turned out to be all I was ever looking for - the missing piece in the big fucking puzzle!
-Chasing Amy

Love you, Kim ^_^
Well, FUCK SHIT GODDAMNIT! My good ol' trusty VAIO laptop got accidentally dropped, and is now broken, that's a couple thousand dollars now GONE! Damnit, damnit, DAMNIT!

I quit. -_-