I think my fish, Turtle might be dying... I hope not, and in fact, probably not. I freaked out when I first saw it, because it looked like Dropsy which is the cancer of fishes. So, I went nuts to search for a cure at 9:30 on a Sunday, only to end up at a Walmart, tearing along the way (yeah, so sue me, I like him) Luckily Kim was keeping me at least a little sane. But... after coming back, it looks a little more like Swim Bladder Disorder, which they can usually live through... But regardless, he's floating at the top on his side and not moving at all sometimes and frantically swimming around when he's not, and he just looks like he's in so much pain... :'-( Anyways, I can't just sit here and watch him like this, I have to leave... :'-(

Mood: Teary :'-(

Any of you out there that care, pray for my fish... please?

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