I found God on the corner of First and Amistad

Haven't posted in a long time, which is strange considering that I haven't been working this month. Plenty to say, but not enough time or energy to do it. However, I did recently stumble across this website: Portrait Photos, combined with Flickr's Interestingness provides a near constant stream of tickling my photographic muse. Anyways, I stumbled across one such pic that was so gorgeous, I couldn't not post it:

Happy Tuesday, all.



So what happens when you introduce the Settlers of Catan board game to a few fellow game players who have never heard of it?

Why, you stay up playing it until 6am, of course :p

Ok, time to pass out. -_-


Halo Wars Demo is Live!

The Halo Wars demo came out this morning, and it's being received remarkably! :) If you have a 360, go download it!

"It looks great, plays great and it really might be the first great RTS for consoles"

"I had no difficulty in learning the controls and dishing out Spartan justice."

"If you’re a Halo fan, I don’t have any doubts this one will be a must buy. For me, I’ll be picking it up day one."

"I honestly believe Halo Wars gets the console RTS done right for the first time. The combination of Halo Universe, easy game play, great visuals while actually on the field and not just the cut scenes, and story are really shaping this game up to be a generational classic."

"From the moment you start up the demo you get this strange feeling of excitement. Just think back to the moment you picked up Halo 3 and you will understand what I mean."

"Halo Wars is without a doubt, the best strategy game I have ever played. Even if you don’t want to call it the best strategy game of all time, not one single person will be able to exclaim that it isn’t the best one on console."

"For the RTS and Halo fans and also the non-RTS and Halo fans, this is a top notch game that most will enjoy and be surprised by. It’s everything and anything a Halo fan or gamer looking for fun would want."

"Those who thought this was just another game with the Halo name tacked on to make Microsoft more money think again."










The Cat is Out of the Bag

Sort of - I can't say anything really specific about it - but look for more information from the new job:

Robot Entertainment

It's going to be an adventure! :D


The Last Tour

Gamasutra has a great article regarding the last days of Ensemble, specifically highlighting the cultural ideals and some of the projects that didn't make it. I enjoyed reading it, but I certainly have a little bias :p

Ensemble Studios: The Last Days

And now for something completely different

It was recently brought to my attention (thanks Mike!) that the commenting service that I used to use on this blog, YACCS was finally shutting down its service. This is because this blog was set up back in the stone ages, when blogger wasn't owned by google and comments weren't supported by default, so you had to use another service to set that up.

Anyways, I digress - in order to get comments setup, I needed to overhaul the blog to get all the template changes from google - so... there's a new look! Very much in potential transition, and it emulates the older look for the most part right now. Bear with me during the change. In addition to this, I'm hoping to start making this blog more diverse, including new technology, gaming, interesting information as well as my random musings. Which will hopefully mean more updates. We'll see how it goes.

Additionally, this sadly means that all my old comments are purged from the site - I'm looking at seeing if I can import those into the new comment system, but that's a work in progress.