Halo Wars Demo is Live!

The Halo Wars demo came out this morning, and it's being received remarkably! :) If you have a 360, go download it!

"It looks great, plays great and it really might be the first great RTS for consoles"

"I had no difficulty in learning the controls and dishing out Spartan justice."

"If you’re a Halo fan, I don’t have any doubts this one will be a must buy. For me, I’ll be picking it up day one."

"I honestly believe Halo Wars gets the console RTS done right for the first time. The combination of Halo Universe, easy game play, great visuals while actually on the field and not just the cut scenes, and story are really shaping this game up to be a generational classic."

"From the moment you start up the demo you get this strange feeling of excitement. Just think back to the moment you picked up Halo 3 and you will understand what I mean."

"Halo Wars is without a doubt, the best strategy game I have ever played. Even if you don’t want to call it the best strategy game of all time, not one single person will be able to exclaim that it isn’t the best one on console."

"For the RTS and Halo fans and also the non-RTS and Halo fans, this is a top notch game that most will enjoy and be surprised by. It’s everything and anything a Halo fan or gamer looking for fun would want."

"Those who thought this was just another game with the Halo name tacked on to make Microsoft more money think again."









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