So I just had my first excursion with the fun of non-paying bidders on eBay. Quite interesting... you can do a lot... hopefully this guy will end up resolving this so I don't have to take a loss on the book that I'm selling - that would make me really sad =( More to come later. ^_^
Alright, so I was being good and typing up my massive post about the last few weeks, and my computer crashes... so.. yeah... I will late... really.. honest...


This is how my co-chair (for the committee we are running) and I communicate:

Nozomi81: any idea on how to word the last 10 - 15 words better?
Nozomi81: or is it ok?
aurlieinthehood: say "know" instead of "feel"
Nozomi81: ooooohhhhhhhhhh
Nozomi81: gooooooooa :-D
Nozomi81: ...
Nozomi81: damn it -_-
Nozomi81: goooooooooooood :-D
aurlieinthehood: hahaha
Nozomi81: yes, your co chair makes funny baby noises on AIM :-P
aurlieinthehood: gooo gooo gaaa gaaa :-D
Nozomi81: hahahhahahhhhaa :-P
Nozomi81: you are getting blogged :-P
aurlieinthehood: nooooooooooooooooooooo!


This is truly a beautiful story from my good friend, Devon.

Thanks for the prose, Dev.
Friday... FRIDAY.... just need to make it through today, and then the weekend will be here... still work, but no class.... just have to make it through today. (I will blog on the last... wow... three weeks or so.... later today or tommorow, promise ^_^)


Well... just "finished" my CS assignment - sucks beacuse I REALLY liked the assignment... but didn't have the time to really play with it... no TIME!... *sigh* time to nap ..... -_-


guyinblack25: free time GOOOOODDDD
guyinblack25: life taking over things BBBBBAAAAADDD


*sob* *sob* I waaaant it!

*sigh* - but I'll never get one.... -_-

New software


So we're bombing Iraq as I speak, and here I am, cramming in information for a test I have tommorow morning... people are losing their lives around the globe, fueled by hate. Their existence simply ends. Stop. Period. And here I am, studying for a test... makes me feel a little insignificant in what I'm doing... -_-


DuUuUuUuUude!!! Devon has just posted some wicked pics from Big Bend - go to his site - go.... now! ^_^

Big Bend pics - woot!
I now have dual monitors running on my computer!!! Sweet! ^_^
Note to myself - (and hell, if you're bored, here's some interesting stuff - prolly a good idea to read it in order they were written

Advances in science...


Yay! Finally back in Austin - blog about the break, etc. Later -_-


BoonedockSaint23: hey this is a statent and as such requires no response as I know you are studying but read it and ponder when you have the time
Nozomi81: k..
BoonedockSaint23: Jumping off a building is not love..that is foolish and short sighted , all too often love is shown to be the grandeois bizarre thing full of single magnificent gestures that are often self depricating and indicative of someon not in their right mind. But these antics are at best childish and immature, love is none of these things. Love is small tender and fragile, it requires nuture attention and caring to grow. Yes it can be painful and difficult but so can any worthy labor. In the end love is two people trying to replicate in themselves the very miracle of Gods grace: truely knowing and accepting another person for what they are....
BoonedockSaint23: Sorry this was inspried by the comic....
BoonedockSaint23: forgive the intrusion


Government test in 11.25 hours... crap crap crap crap CRAP!
I have come to the conclusion that i have a great interest in computer graphics... especially now that I have really played a little with OpenGL!! ^_^

Click here for a screenshot. ^_^


Oh yeah, so... uhm, I'm a dork, and I have a neopet.
Soooo.... if you happen to go over to Neopets... and get a neopet... my name is nozomi81, and my pet is Yume2000

Ok, so I read this comic a long time ago, and I'm curious to see what other people think... soo...
whaddya think? - interesting, stupid? profound, screwed up? chicken scratches, pretty?
comment! Please? ^_^