Subtractive design

I recently went back to an old issue of Game Developer to read an article I on the concept of subtractive game design. I'll let you read it and form an opinion, but at the least I agree that the games that have ascribed to a simple and strong focus have delivered some of the best and most memorable experiences I've had in the recent past. Check it out here.



I've posted about Passage by Jason Rohrer once before and recently discovered that it has since been released on the iPhone. For anyone with an iPhone and interested in art, I would strongly encourage you to download it (only $0.99). Consider it a donation to view a piece of artwork. If you don't think it was worth it after playing it, I will happily send you a dollar for your trouble.

Additionally, to tack onto this post, an interesting article about building a game by yourself, an article listing some of the best indie games of the year, and a link with some of the best quotes about the indie games space. Totally inspirational. :)


Sexiest Woman Alive

I always figured it would be a cold day in hell when I posted something from Esquire, but I just had to here. Esquire named Kate Beckinsale the sexiest woman alive. And I agree so much with that statement that it just had to be stated here.

Oh that's right - not only is she crazy sexy in her own right, she's acted as a vampire, she's in one of my favorite cheesy romantic comedies (Serendipity), she has that crazy cute English accent, she's actually a mother that spends time with her kids, and she's a nerd! She's an Oxford grad, and is fluent in French, German and Russian. Bravo Esquire, bravo.

Additionally, it's a tech post! Her "OMFG she's so sexy" montage Esquire shot was done with the crazy awesome Red Epic 5K, which is a digital video camera that shoots at such a high resolution that photographers can now get the same quality of shot in video as they could with a still. Which literally means that (to quote the Gizmodo article):

This makes it a lot easier on the photographer since he doesn't need to know, intuitively, when the best few seconds are to snap a stream of shots—he can just point the thing and tell Kate to be sexy.


The guy in me is turned on by the crazy sexy Kate Beckinsale, and the nerd in me is turned on by the crazy sexy camera.

This is clearly the best news post mankind has ever created.