Alright, so I haven't posted in a long time, because I've been grumpy for a while now... and I still am, about some dumb stuff I don't feel like going into. But on the plus side - thanks so much to all of you that commented on my last post, that really made my day / week when I needed it. Anyways I don't feel like typing a million paragraphs - so here's some links! =P

The future of vision. (from Dev)
The joy of spyware -_-
Difficult gaming
Game developer's quality of life
I've been photoblogged! Strange pic, though...
Wha!? I haven't even played the first one yet!
Need to get around to doing thins... you should do it too!

There - entertain yourself - perhaps those nerdy links helped you procrastinate from the final you really should be studying for, or something else you should inevitably doing. =P

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