Nozomi81: Honors day sctuff
BoonedockSaint23: honors day?
Nozomi81: for all those ppl with a 3.5 or above
Nozomi81: Kim has a 4.0 -_-
BoonedockSaint23: 0don't you have like a 3.6?
Nozomi81: well, at the moment...
Nozomi81: 3.9
BoonedockSaint23: seriously then....
BoonedockSaint23: SHUT UP!!!!your obviously doing pretty damn well up there
Nozomi81: not THIS semester... -_-
BoonedockSaint23: while some of us are just trying to frigging pass school
Nozomi81: hey, I'm there right now..
Nozomi81: friggin classes...
BoonedockSaint23: oh you will pull a miracle as you always do but your 3.9 might falltoa 3.8
BoonedockSaint23: and then of course the only option would be scuicide
BoonedockSaint23: :-)
Nozomi81: glad to know you understand me :-D
BoonedockSaint23: hey man all I am saying is put your full effort in life but never forget the important things like the fact that you have a girl who loves you and all your fingers and toes, stress don't help do don't give it the time of day
Nozomi81: heh
Nozomi81: nice way of putting it

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