Nozomi81: jello?
savadri: shots.
savadri: ;-)
Nozomi81: rubber?
savadri: um... latex?
savadri: jello shots i know.
Nozomi81: indeed........
Nozomi81: hahahha :-P
savadri: rubbers are more ambiguous
Nozomi81: I think the appropriate response would be.....
savadri: in this case at least
savadri: hell
Nozomi81: ducky! :-P
Nozomi81: no, not hell
Nozomi81: rubber hell just doesn't make sense -_-
savadri: might as well admit it
savadri: rubbers arent jsut ambiguous, they're full on foreign
savadri: to me
savadri: at this point
savadri: :-\
Nozomi81: indeed....

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