Yeah... so the most grueling weeks of my life just passed me by... in the last week and a half to two weeks, I have pulled 4 all nighters (all in the CS lab, sunrise -> sunset) slept for under 4 hrs for at least 5 days, and have skipped more classes than I can count. I have been in front of a computer for 32 hours straight, minus a two hour nap yesterday morning. Plus last week, I put 43 hours into a project in under four days - that was exciting. I can't believe I'm still alive. Anyways, it's also a shame because the stuff I'm working on is cool, and I would spend a lot more time on it if I had the time or energy, but my other classes and committments far destroy that. Even today, I had to bail on some friends to finish up this god-forsaken project, sorry Matt! =( Anyways, I just got my project done, which was cool, but is slow as crap because of the rush forced on me, and the code is messy, which I detest, especially since it's an interesting subject that I want to go back and fix the code to make it pretty and fast. It's all because of this damn networking stuff we never learned, had to research it all myself and fail multiple times before getting it. Anyways, it's a networked game engine from the ground up - that means I drew every triangle on the screen, every message send in individual byte to encode and decode, all models and art were hand made, all the rules, everything. It's a simple game right now, you run around as a srangle little guy in a tux and a jetpack (don't as me, it was late, and I needed a quick texture - also don't ask why he's bald... ) and try to get all the crystals before anyone else - whoever has the most at the end wins, and the objects knock you around like a ping pong ball. It's not very good right now, but it's kinda neat, the gameplay of getting punted back when you hit a deathsphere (yup, that's what I called 'em in my code - I'm tired, sue me) or another player was so funny it had me and Richard (classmate working on the same project) laughing so hard bouncing our characters off of each other for 10+ minutes we were crying. It was great. Or maybe that was the delusional lack of sleep. Anyhoo - here's some lo-res screenshots (since I have to turn some in anyways) - woot.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5

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