Woo hoo!

YES! Small little post, but I just got back from my history class for which I was cramming like crazy for the test last week... and I got a 98! YESSS! ^_^ So it was all worth it - maybe I'll actully get an A in this History class ^_^ Yeah, so I'm excited about that ^_^

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aurlie who had her birthday this last Saturday!!! ^_^

Oh, and I forgot one of my favority quotes from Dr. Downing (the BEST CS (and possibly best overall) teacher EVER) during one of his intro classes that someone quoted this weekend...

"A friend has access to all your private parts."

Hee hee - oh CS jokes are SO nerdy... (did anyone actually understand that, BTW?)

Anyways, I'm in a good mood because of my history test ^_^ buuut I'm off to do some of the still necessary work.

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