Just got back from a super formal banquet honoring the Presendential Endowed Scholarship recipients. It was quite an event - not only did I get to catch up with my favorite tech guys on campus who were working the event, I got to talk with Dr. Vick, vice president of student affairs about my college experience, and his take on video games and pinball machines when he was growing up - quite a charismatic guy - he even remembered me from the Maralyn Heimlich scholarship banquet earlier in the week. ^_^ Not only that, I got to have a really good, fancy dinner (neither of my scholarship donors was there - one of which is Darrell K Royal) but I got to have dinner with - get this - William Livingston - the voice of Tex! "Goodbye and good luck" That was really cool, and he (as well as Dr. Vick) was incredibly charmismatic, so it was a really good time. I don't know why, but I just seem to be in a really good mood now, maybe it's being all dressed up such with a tie and all and lookin' damn sexy ^_~ (that was fun - never tied a tie before =P) But I dunno, I seem to be in a good mood ^_^, even though there's a ton of stuff to keep me busy and down. Anyways, I don't understand the electric synapses that fire in the hardened calcium sphere on a big jumble of carbon atoms, but... I just am in a good mood. ^_^

Anyways, I'm off to work all night on a lab on campus. =P

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