As many of you have probably noticed, I have been in a very bad mood as of late, mostly because this guy on eBay is now claiming that the refund he sent me was fraudulent money that I stole from him, so my PayPal account is under investigation, so that really annoys me, because I thought I was finally rid of this guy after I got my money back in February. I'm just waiting for PayPal to look over the million emails of correspondence we sent to each other and see that this guy (who closed his business on eBay because people were complaining about him) is just trying to cheat me out of my money... Anyways, so that's no fun - but what is is that I just found out I got the Dean's Dozen award (which wonderful Ms. Cristi Biggs nominated me for ^_^) It's a very prestiguous award given to graduating seniors - here's the description from the email:

Among the thousands of students at The University of Texas at Austin there is a unique group who are altruistic, responsible, committed, and involved in transforming the lives of their fellow students. It is in the spirit of UT that these students reach out to others in a time of need, exhibit model citizenship, foster fellowship among our community, embrace diversity, and promote a fair and equitable campus. Finally, these students utilize strength, initiative, and ambition to persevere, to overcome obstacles, and to seek and enable personal growth.

Anyways, so that's really cool. On top of that, I may be getting an internship at Sony Online this summer and Fall, which would be REALLY awesome. Anyways, I'm still worried about this PayPal thingy, but I'm hoping that everything will be ok. So, I'm trying not to worry about it, and I'm going to the Austin Game Developer's at Dave and Busters tonight - YAY! ^_^

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