Highlights and bummers

So this is something we did in our committee meetings last year when I co-chaired the Multimedia Publicity committee for Orientation with my friend Aurlie - actually stolen from the Campus Issues committee. Pretty easy, I'm sure you'll get it.

The NSS / DOS people - I went to visit on Friday to sign a paystub and to chat with some of the people, and I had forgotten how awesome the people and environment was there, as I was greeted as I walked in, and just got to catch up with some of the people there. I don't know if if was because it was the end of the week, or just because I hadn't seen everyone there in a long time, but it really felt like home there, and I really felt like I had a place there. And the people are wonderful, so much so that words can't really describe it. So thanks to Cristi, Kristen, Judy, Jenn, Jess, Kyle, Amy, Mary Beth, Steve, Peter and Terri - for all the awesome and wonderful times. You guys are all awesome and continue to make me miss working there every day. Hopefully I will be seeing you all some more soon ^_^

Yeah, these are not as much fun - (and in retrospect, I should have written these first) Boo on capmetro - I waited for over 40 minutes for a bus to show up today, so I was late to class, and last week, two buses didn't show up, and when one finally did, it was "Not in service." That's an hour of my life spent at the bus stop that I'll never get back. Boo on still waiting for PayPal to make a decision regarding the stupid guy on eBay trying to steal money from me =(. Finally, boo on my CS classes, specifically those that cause me to constantly meet with the TAs to argue against their grading errors on my labs / homeworks so I can get the credit I worked for.

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