Texas Revue

Just got back from Texas Revue - the annual talent show that we have on campus, and it was REALLY awesome - you can see the specifics of the shows on the website, but DAMN. Needless to say, I am going to see if it is possible to get a DVD copy of it. It would be nice to have, as it's my last Texas Revue here, and it was badass ^_^

At the end, they hadn't finished tallying the results, and I actually got my name called out as a special thanks for helping out with the publicity (was very cool ^_^ - even though my name was "Viay" in the book -_-) and next, by the chants of "beatbox", the beatbox act ended up improving the Tetris theme with some other guys dancing and breaking in the background. =P

Finally, in the end, when Old Kids on the Block won the Ovation award (best audience response) the audience almost had a backlash with booing since the beatbox guy didn't win O_O Next, Communication Council got the best technical award... they had a good performance, but I think Koein and some others were much better in a technical sense. And then, the Bhangra Team won most artistic... and finally.... the beatbox guy (Ram Vela) won the best of show 2,000 dollar prize to a huge standing ovation.

Man, that was fun - I wanna see them all again ^_^

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