I haven't watched a basketball game in a really long time - but today I went to the gym, and the Spurs v. Mavs game was on, and it was the Playoffs, so I figured, why not get a good seat? So I plopped down on one of the bike machines witha great view of the TV and watched the game. Who would've thought that as the game got interesting, that 24 hour fitness would turn into a sports bar full of people, complete with the raving Mavs fans to the casual watchers to the lone few Spurs fans. Turned out to be a lot of fun. Plus, the Mavs won! Yay western conference champs! ^_^

Also, because I had such a great seat and the game started to get interesting at the end, I tried to stay on the bike for as long as I could - was on for a full 60 minutes, non-stop! 22.6 miles of travel on the bike! Felt great! :) Of course once the game went into overtime, I decided to stop (plus the machine stops your workout at an hour no matter what - who knew?) because I don't think I could have physically gone any longer.

Definitely feels great to workout again - to really push my body to it's limits again. It really helps to clear up the mind - I had forgotten the best thing (for me) to balance a mental workout is a physical workout (and vice versa). Helps to bring the inspiration back into life.

In an attempt to prep for more long distance trips on the motorcycle, I bought some thin, over-ear headphones I was hoping I could wear inside my helmet. (so that there was actual music I could sing along to, instead of singing to myself - which is a lot of fun). I tried it on the way to work this morning, and was really surprised by how it turned out. It really turned out to feel really 'fake' - almost like I was watching a movie with a musical soundtrack in the background. It didn't feel very real, strangely enough. (besides, they were a little uncomfortable under there). I rode back home from work without them and just found the whole experience to be infinitely more visceral - more instinctive. There's just something about hearing the wind go by, feeling the road move underneath me - it made it so much easier to just appreciate everything - all the experiences. Maybe once I start doing the multi-hour trips, I'll look into some more music solutions. But for now, the sound of the world around me is all I need.

There's plenty to appreciate.

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