Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine.

From what you knew before, there's been a major life change in my life.

Feel free to either draw inferences from these two songs: Sunrays And Saturdays, Every Little Thing You Wanted, or call me.

I've decided to re-embrace the artistic side of myself. I think it's because I'm now loving my job so much that it fulfills my intellect, but seeing all the artwork, that part of me is craving. That being said, I'm going to start going to life drawing classes at work, and am going to start playing the guitar again (and no, Guitar Hero although lots of fun, doesn't count).

Also, I'm heading to Austin this weekend, and will be riding my motorcycle the 214 mi from Austin to Dallas. Now, I'm a lot more confident on my motorcycle this time around, but having had to deal with the pain of a crash once, and never having taken it city-to-city driving, a part of me is absolutely terrified. I'm confident that I can make the drive, it's just all the uncertainties I'm worried about - rain, other stupid drivers, cramps, etc. Here's hoping it's an uneventful ride. Posts like this send shivers down my spine - not because I'm afraid, but because of the fellow bikers that have died like that.

And everyone who hasn't seen my new house (that's all of you), you need to. I'll show you a gorgeous view from my back porch. ^_^ Also, just in case you wanted to know - slipping down stairs while holding a cat SUCKS! Since when did I become clumsy?

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