One thing is for sure

It's wonderful to be able to step out above the rooftops and look across the night sky. Being able to step out underneath starlight and take in the world surrounding you is truly enlightening. This entire house is worth it for the back deck alone. I've not found a place better to sit and appreciate everything and just let the mind wander freely, watching the trees dance in the wind or the clouds creep by. Best of all, in the evenings, it's wonderfully quiet. It's a perfect fit for me.

Before crawling into bed tonight, I stumbled across an old journal of mine and for some reason, decided to flip through it. I was amazed - it was like I was reliving some pivotal moments in my life, some of which I didn't even remember writing down. Those were the most interesting, because part of me was remembering the sensations of those moments, while another part was experiencing it like a new story, hanging on to each word. What a beautiful gift - to be able to peek back at my former self like that. I'm glad I jotted those thoughts down when I did. Truly breathtaking.

I learned a lot today. Now it's time to bring the eve to a close.

Oyasuminasai. Yoi yume o.

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