Go super repairman, go!

Alrighty, so today was a freakin' super productive day around the house (just a regular day for... super repairman! *insert theme music here*)

Seriously, though - I had to pick up some stuff last night, and some during lunch at work today, but just check out the stuff I got done!

- Replaced a broken off sprinkler head (involving removing a broken pipe fastener)
- Dug up and replaced another sprinkler head in the front lawn (nice 'n deep)
- Fixed both the upstairs and downstairs leaky toilets
- Shutoff the water to the house and removed / fixed the rusted shut valve in the utility closet (the valve wasn't rusted shut, it was essentially rusted open). WD40 and brute force FTW!
- Installed the new washer and tested it out! :)

Freakin' awesome! So much stuff done, and now I can actually wash my clothes and actually walk through my utility closet! Also, a personal thanks to Matt - I still carry around the knife you bought me a billion jillion years ago, and it came in handy many times today :D;

*sidenote - ... I now know I've been at work too much recently - I instinctively ended that last line with a semicolon >_<

I've also come to realize that when a washer says "Quiet Wash" on it, that really means "Holy Freaking Ridiculously Insanely Loud Wash". I guess that didn't fit on the front as well as "Quiet Wash". Go figure.

Little things like this are really starting to make the house feel like mine - like a home. Definitely have sweat and tears in it - no blood yet. (I don't think...)

So now, here I am - filled with a feeling I haven't felt in a long time - the feeling after really working with your hands. From wrist deep in dirt to scrubbing wuth WD40 to attaching parts to lifting the washer with one hand and adjusting with the other to cleaning up afterwards, it leaves your hands tingling, sore and rough on the skin. I miss working with my hands and the way it leaves you feeling afterwards.

Now that I can actually wash my clothes, the trips to the gym will start up again. Perhaps that will help.

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