Alright, so I finally got a chance to go to the gym - what, has it been like, a thousand years? I'd forgotten how good it feels to be able to push your body close to it's limits in order to improve it. It really is an odd concept when you think about it - slowly destroying muscles so that they react and rebuild. Weird. That and convincing your body that it's not getting any more food so that it will start to burn the fat off, only to appease it again. Strange how we revolve around tricking our bodies o_O

Anyways, I digress. Tonight I felt like someone was slamming my chest with a sledgehammer from the inside out. It's been so long since I've had a heavy workout I forgot how it felt. After about 20 mins on the excercise bike, I started to cooldown and my heart was beating so hard and fast I could practically see my shirt moving with each thump. Honestly, it was a little scary at the time, but afterwards, and even now, I can feel my heartbeat a little bit more confidently than before. That's definitely good.

Also, I finally got a good picture of me and my bike:

Awesome. More city-to-city trips on it to come soon. ^_^

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