Went over to Scarborough Faire today with Jen - it was like Ren Fest, but six months early! :) Turned out to be a ton of fun, and we even got to the see Ded Bob show. Although even funnier was the Mud Show, which featured (get this) one of the three guys from the Flaming Idiots back at the Ren Fest! That was a surprise! Apparently they broke up, and one joined up with the guys at the Mud Show. And to finish the day off, I got my palms read (I was interested since I started to look through the books I had again recently) and a tarot reading done. All I can say is - WOW. I do hold a good amount of belief in a lot of that stuff, but I always try and go in with a little skepticism. Without letting the woman know anything about me, she was able to read just about every facet of my personality like a book, and touched on a lot of my past quite accurately. All within the first five minutes - and in detail on some of the stuff too. I was really surprised. Even more interesting once she started touching on the future and did the tarot reading. (Not that I believe that all fate is defined to every last detail already, but it was incredibly interesting to see what she had to say). She picked up on a lot of stuff that I really didn't see coming. Probably the most convincing reading I've had.

Also, finally went out to another show here in Dallas - was just poking around and ended up in a bar that had a few bands lined up, so Jen and I hung around there for a while Saturday night. Was a total blast - the headliner was Flametrick Subs (who I had actually seen in Austin before and didn't realize it until they got up on stage), although the openers were also great (if not better). I couldn't even listen to Secret Devil Sign: first, they were CRAZY loud angry metal stuff, and second, the lead singer reminded me WAY too much of Sean, if he had decided to be the lead singer in an angry angry metal band instead of going to Westpoint. I just couldn't take them seriously - but it sure was funny. *laughs* And there was also Sidekick Mafia - who actually turned out to be really good. Had a pretty wide range of music, and all the guys were pretty talented. Put on a good live show. :)

And a more of an older update... the artists at work started doing figure drawing classes again (they used to do it a lot more often, but have recently gotten back into it). The first week I did it, I felt like my eyes had been reopened to that passion that I always had - the artist in me totally came out again. (don't get me wrong, I wasn't good at it by any stretch of the imagination - but it was nice to at least get back into it again). Really made me remember what passion I have for that kind of stuff - makes me want to get back into it more. And for a short second there, I really did think to myself, "What would have happened if I decided to go to art school after High School." Strange, no? This last week didn't go quite as well, because I was really tired going into it, and its a three hour session at the end of a workday. One thing I'm really amazed about is how non-sexual of an experience it really is. (we don't do nudes, but it's close) It's just really interesting - because your brain is so concentrated on capturing the mood, the 'feel' of the pose, looking at the musculature and trying to capture that, that the sexual image isn't even a thought at all. It's a really cool feeling to see all the people in the room that empassioned about their art and expressing it in wholly different ways.

Just cuz it's hilarious - exploding G4!

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