So this link got sent around work today and sparked off a ton of discussion about the 'Uncanny Valley' - that is the wierd place where technology gets SO close to reality that the tiny little things start to creep us out. Think about things like Elmer Fudd. There's so much character / ridiculousness in his form that we accept it all as 'natural' for him and his actions / movements. But once we start emulating reality - the little things, like the way the cloth moves, or the way the face animates just start to look 'wrong' because we except something more ... real.

However, I DO think it's a gorgeous tech demo, and it fascinating about how far we've come in this sort of thing. Can you even imagine seeing this sort of movie back when we were kids? It would all seem like science fiction. Pretty interesting, IMHO - what do you think? Interesting? Creepy?

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