These days that you were waiting for

There are few things that compare to a really fun and energetic concert - and one of the best ways to enjoy that is in the FRONT DAMN ROW :) Thanks to Paul's awesome birthday present of front row tickets to Ben Folds, I was actually able to sit front at center (literally) at one of the best shows I've seen in a long time (thanks Paul!) I would definitely add Ben Folds to one of the "awesome people to see play live" list. It was pretty obvious that the whole band was just enjoying themselves on stage the whole time, as evidenced by this entertaining conversation between songs:

Guy in Audience: "Ben, they won't let me sit close enough to you!"
Ben: "Oh, that sucks!"
Ben: "Hey, can we let him sit up here for a while?"
(Ben proceeds to call the guy and the girl he was with up to sit behind him at the piano for the next 2 songs)

Now what was really funny was that the guy looked like he was going to pass out from excitement while up there as he frantically took pictures with his cell phone:p

Also, Ben had bought a 2k dollar synthesizer before the show and sung about it and used it through the evening :p He was even taking lyrical suggestions from the audience :p At very few shows are you able to laugh your butt and enjoy the actual music with a smile never leaving your face :)

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