Starbucks Musings

Sometimes it’s amazing the little tidbits of people’s lives that you come in on. Just sitting outside, being around people – we end up engaged in other people’s lives, subconsciously or intentionally. When the people around you become passionate or excited about their conversations or lives, our ears peek up. Or when people utter little key words that we tend to associate with, you get the smallest tidbit curious of what might make them bring it up. It becomes so easy to just pull ourselves outside of the little world we have become comfortable with and realize that there are indeed other entire lives co-existing with us. Every person that we run into – the person behind the counter, drinking the coffee at the next table, cutting you off on the freeway – all of them have their stories, starting from when they were a baby – working through their problems, living through their successes and failures. Sometimes I find it interesting to really look at a random person out there and realize to myself there’s almost certainly a time when that person has laughed so hard they couldn’t breathe, or have cried so hard it felt like nothing else in the world mattered, have been angry, elated, crushed, everything. It’s enlightening to try and visualize that sometimes. Each person has their own stories. A part of me wishes I could hear them all. Or more of them at least. It’s very humbling, anyways.

Makes me wish I brought my camera :p

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