Just cuz

An online conversation between me and a coworker that may be the biggest Nintendo fanboy ever.

winter says: so i picked up like 8 wii games today =)
winter says: no zelda or red steel.. but I think those are the only ones I'm missing
nozomiyume says: dear god man
winter says: it's new!
winter says: it's fun!
winter says: it's wii!!!!
winter says: wiiiiiiiiii
nozomiyume says: but you don't even have the system yet!
winter says: and you'll be the sad one on launch day with no games!
winter says: hah!
nozomiyume says: heh
winter says: i'll be all like swingin my sword, and suturing some wounds, and boosting my excitetruck... and you'll be all like "why won't you play some more wii sports with me!!!"
nozomiyume says: ...
nozomiyume says: you've officially lost it
nozomiyume says: just thought I'd let you know
nozomiyume says: I'm amazed that the system could drive you to insanity BEFORE it was released
winter says: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/weeee.php
nozomiyume says: that's gonna be you on Saturday, isn't it?
nozomiyume says: I'll take that as cofirmation
nozomiyume says: temporal insansity with a system that requires you to jump and swing stuff around
nozomiyume says: this can only lead to great things
winter says: exactly

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