So, futokutei means random in Japanese - that, and it's just a fun word to say :p

Two pics from the trip to San Antonio this last weekend. Totally forgot that I had it set on 1600 ISO to experiment last time I was out, so most of the pics needed some post processing to even look decent.

I really like the colors on this one, but wrestled (and am still wrestling) with the composition of it. The marguerita glass is supposed to be a little blocky in its colors, but it really doesn't seem to come across in the low res version. *edit* Updated a new version. The composition is a little better, and the fade effect on the background is less harsh on the marguerita glass. I think it helps.

This one turned out really well. I'm thinking of printing it out and putting it up somewhere. Of course this is where I become a little more sad that I'm limited to 6 megapixels :
On a more annoying note - my last pair of contacts got all dried up, so now I'm limited to just my glasses until I get a chance to go get some more contacts. I don't mind the glasses, but they make things like climbing, volleyball and photography more difficult...

Now then... need to go and prep for the freaking Indian food extravaganza this weekend... The family is coming up, and it sounds like there shall be cooking a plenty. Paul, Katy - you have no idea what you've done asking my mother to cook. There will be so much food...

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