Must digest food...

Oh man, I am ever so stuffed. The parents and sister came into and mom brought a veritable smorgasbord of home cooked Indian food for Paul, Katy and David, who came over tonight. You know there's going to be a lot of food when you're overwhelmed by the appetizers alone.

For once, the weather was actually beautiful outside, so we got to eat on the patio, chat and enjoy the weather and view from the backyard... course... after course... after course... of tons of food. And somehow you would think that six people eating as much as they could through all this food would put a dent in the food that my mother brought. You would be very wrong. Somehow, even after eating dinner and with three people taking leftovers home, I have a fridge and freezer jam packed with home cooked food.

Truly amazing. I think my mother's home cooking ability should be the eigth wonder of the world. It literally might involve food that is self replicating, because it never seems to disappear. I mean, this could solve world hunger! She almost literally pulled sonf (those little Fennel seeds you eat after your meal at Indian food restaurants) out of thin air. I think she's the MacGuyver of food. Katy's theory is that she's a witch.

I'm not sure I can eat the leftovers fast enough...

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