Camera toss!

Would you believe there is a huge group of people online that toss their cameras into the air and catch them (most of the time) trying to take pictures?

Definitely makes for some very cool pictures - check out their flickr pool.

I think Pat's take on it sums it up best:

Pat: this makes me hyperventillate: http://www.flickr.com/photos/earthtoneremix/194390170/
Pat: evidently, there's a whole cult of camera tossers.
Pat: and it originated here in austin
Pat: there's a blog for it, too
Pat: it seems most of the cameras tossed are point-and-shotos
Pat: shoots
Pat: though there's a review on the blog of the tossability of the canon 10d
Pat: which hurts my soul
Pat: and my pocketbook
Pat: this cult puts out some beautiful photos, though.

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