Climbing? Climb on!

Alright, so I've started to go climbing again recently, at this awesome place here in town called Stoneworks, which apparently has the tallest indoor climbs in the nation, weighing in at 110ft! Let's just say that climbing those walls is a totally different experience than the 20 - 30ft I'm used to doing.

Anyways, got a few guys in town into it as well, including my buddy Paul from work (who is apparently a direct clone of me or vice-versa, but that's a story for another time :p) who brought his point-n-shoot camera, yeilding some pretty cool shots:

Additionally, you can check out his flickr of it for the rest of the pics.

Also important to note - don't go climbing only two days after the last time you climbed. I went last Thursday and again Saturday, and there are all kinds of muscles I didn't know I could have this sore... owie.

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