I guess I really don't sleep much anymore - I find myself up late more often than not nowadays :p You would think I would be tired from spending an entire day running all around Dallas, but apparently not. Today I was up because of a few reasons (one of which involved an overflowing toilet and cleaning up after it *sigh*) and the other was more fun - I was rolling around on the living room floor with my cat trying to get a decent picture to enter into a contest in Austin. It was a free pet photo contest, so I figured why not try :) And after I got something decent, the post processing of it became interesting as well and really brought the pic to life (thanks for the suggestions and help with it Sherman!) So... here's what I've got: (if you've EVER seen Vincent playing with his feather-on-a-stick, this picture will make sense immediately)

Some of the detail is gone in the low res, if you want a hi-res version, just ask :)

He's so cute. ^_^ If you want to imagine a humorous image, just think of how I had to look lying on the floor, holding up a feather-on-a-stick with one hand, trying to avoid having my cat pounce on me and kill me and trying to take a photo of the whole ordeal at the same time :p


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