Austin FTW!

Another awesome trip down to Austin this past weekend. I won't bore you with the details, and instead just think through the weekend and jot down thoughts. You can fill in the rest.

- Dallas to Austin is a long drive made much more fun with crazy upbeat music
- There are some things you never ever escape. Apparently one of mine is Orientation
- The view of the stars at just about any lake in Austin is gorgeous
- Sometimes what you hear about things don't match when you see them in person
- Sleep is most definitely for those who have nothing to do at night. lol
- It's always fun to hang out on the lake
- Driving on 1431 is absolutely GORGEOUS
- Meeting up with old friends and coworkers is a blast - especially with Margueritas
- I'm not terrible at Texas Hold'Em! I actually made money from the tournament!
- There are a lot of people (including myself) that want me back in Austin
- It's awesome to have someone with a boat to hang out on Lake Austin with
- My skills at water skiing are... well... not so good
- I totally wanna try wakeboarding - lessons will be necessary :)
- Good: hanging out with old buddies for a long time
- Bad: realizing previously mentioned hanging out kept you in Austin until 11pm Sunday night when you had work the next morning in Dallas
- Full body dancing to loud music while driving in the middle of the night is a great way to stay awake
- Weekends are far too short

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