Woohoo / doh!

Here's a round of woohoo's and doh!'s for the day because I don't feel like doing much else for a post :p

Doh!: Falling asleep last night at 11pm while at my computer on my bed
Woohoo: Getting a crazy amount of sleep because I was too lazy to get out of bed this morning
Doh!: Getting TOO much sleep and being tired all day because of it
Woohoo: Finally getting some progress on the big thing I'm doing at work
Woohoo: Breakfast food and good coffee for lunch at Cafe Brazil - reminds me of Kerbey Lane :)
Woohoo: Got a group of people together to go climbing tomorrow - yeah!
Woohoo: Leaving work early because of a fire alarm sending us walking down 15 flights of stairs
Doh!: Thinking about the fact that the fire alarm may have been real and the office may be a scorched pile of rubble right now...
Doh!: Hitting tons and tons of traffic on the way home because of an accident on the fwy :( (didn't look like any injuries)
Woohoo: Admiring the pretty day outside and taking the bike out for a ride :)
Woohoo: Finally finding the adapter for the soaker hoses for the house after going to three Home Depot / Lowes'
Woohoo: Deciding to stop by a Gamestop to look for a used copy of Psychonauts (recommended by Sherman recently)
Doh!: Realizing the only used copy is at another store way out in the middle of nowhere
Doh!: Getting pulled over on an empty road for going 11 over after speeding up to make it through a yellow :(
Doh!: Having my helmet fall off the handlebars when I pulled over and get scratched up and breaking my shaded visor! >:-O
Woohoo: Having the cop be super nice and just writing me a warning! :) (maybe he took pity on my scuffed helmet / shield)
Doh!: Buying my copy of Psychonauts only to look at it and realize yet again that I don't like playing video games alone - I think I'm a social gamer...
Woohoo: Taking a tour of the INSANELY nice and fancy Lifetime Fitness gym. Holy Crap! I think I'll change over my membership to there. It'll be worth the drive.
Doh!: Seeing a really bad wreck in an intersection I had JUST driven through after leaving the gym... :(
Woohoo: Finding another cool little hangout area / place in Dallas :)
Woohoo: Iced Green Tea Latte - 'nuff said
Doh!: Getting home and realizing the freaking adapter for the soaker hoses doesn't fit! ARGH!
Doh!: Popping open my copy of Psychonauts at home only to realize they didn't put the DVD in the case!!! >:-O
Woohoo: Relaxing at home for a while... :)

So yeah. Got pulled over today on the bike. Totally sucked, but I definitely got lucky that the cop was nice enough to just give me a warning. Gave me a healthy and non-painful reminder that speeding on the bike is not a good idea because of safety and getting a ticket (I really don't speed on it much at all - usually just a bit over the speed limit, and a little worse on city-to-city trips). Needless to say, I spent the rest of the night just cruising and enjoying the ride without cranking the throttle, which was a ton of fun. The only sad thing was the rattle on my shade because two of the tabs broke. :( Well, I guess I'll take a scuffed helmet and having to buy a new visor over a speeding ticket any day.

Also was really really creepy to drive to the gym and leave no more than 20 minutes or so later and see the intersection I turned on filled with multiple fire trucks, police cars and ambulances, and then see the accident that had happened there... The first car had its front smashed in, and the other looked worse. I ended up getting stopped close to the front before turning, so I could see the faces on the people there cleaning up, the paramedics moving people into the ambulances and the damage to the cars. The cops weren't talking to anyone, and judging by the looks on everyone's faces' there, it was pretty bad. A very in-your-face reminder of our frailty.

Everyone be safe, and happy.

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