Uninhibited inspiration

Alright, so I've decided to sell the house and move...


to Ikea! Because they have all the coolest stuff in the world! I've got it all figured out... I'll just move from one showcase room to the other every day and noone will be the wiser. *evil grin*

Anyways - holy crap! I went there today since it's time for their "summer sale" and I figured if they had anything I really liked, now would be the time to get it. Good lord... I went up to the showcase area and started looking around at ALL the different pieces of furniture, colored walls, entertainment centers, kitchen setups. Wow. Just wow. The totally nerdy creative interior designer part of me that watches Trading Spaces was having a mental orgasm. I quickly realized that I totally couldn't buy a thing because I had NO idea how everything should look yet. I think it's time to approach this properly - with diagrams of the rooms and a sketchbook. :D

I was disappointed with the selection of specific stuff... since I needed some silverware and dishes and outdoor furniture and such. And then I found the second floor - the marketplace. Holy crap pt. 2! Again, just a total mental overload. I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera to take pictures of all this so I could look it over at home... which is why I think I'm going back tomorrow with a camera and an empty memory card. O:-)

I think for once I may actually have to start worrying about money - not in the way where I have before, but more in the way of not spending more than I have... It's really nice to be able to see a lot of this stuff and know that I can afford it, but I need to be careful to check "can I afford it" as I go along. It seems like it's really easy to just say "well, I have the money, may as well enjoy it" - just have to not let that get me into trouble. I mean, the only real thing I've ever indulged on was my motorcycle, and I still take really good care of that and try and be intelligent about spending money on it (comments on the first bike blowing up are not necessary...). Hopefully I can keep to that. I just find myself looking at a lot of that stuff and saying to myself, I really want it - I should get it. We'll see what happens once I actually start buying some of the stuff...

Dance like nobody's watching - especially when people are. :) Was a lot of fun to blast the music and dance in place in the car - lots of people look at you and smile - it's kinda fun. Dunno why, just was in a fun mood today. Maybe it was the 100+ degree heat sending me into delerium. :P

The negative side of the day was cramps. :( Went to the gym to work out today and after about 25 mins on the bike, my right hamstring cramped a whole freaking lot. To the point that I couldn't move my leg at all for a few minutes, and then had to sit and stretch on the bike for another 5 minutes just to be able to get up and walk away from the thing. Now I'm limping my way around the house because it's sore. BOO! >:-O

It's time to let go of the handlebars, throw my arms up in the air, and ride the roller coaster we call life, screaming all the way. :)

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