Drunk people are funny

Especially when you get random drunk IMs. The whole conversation was funny, but for some reason, this made me laugh.

him: i am so drunk right now
me: really?
me: that's fun :-D
me: how much have you had?
him: hahaha
him: i dunno
him: firm event
him: they were paying for drinks
him: i had some champagne
me: haha
me: niiice
him: and couple glasses of wine
him: e
him: and then
him: to top it all off
him: i had some whiskey
him: lol
him: i also got my paycheck yesterday
him: i took one look at it
him: and said
him: if i was me
him: i wouldn't hire me for that much money
him: i'm totally milking them for all they're worht
me: lol

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