Talk about a fun weekend

Taking the bike long distances and just being with yourself out in nature on the road is beautiful. Turns out that driving down to Houston for no specific reason other than to meet up with friends was a great idea. I got to put a good 400+ miles on the bike (I ended up getting a ride from College Station to Houston, otherwise it would have been 600+ miles), and got a chance to meet up with everyone from the area, most of which I haven't seen in a really long time. Really made me remember how wonderful the friends I have are. :)

I learned a whole bunch this weekend too - remembering growing up, who I was, who I've become and who I'm going to be. I also have learned a lot about my friends recently - their hopes, dreams, fears, joys and sadnesses. It's an enlightening experience. However, the one tangible lesson of the weekend: riding a motorcycle through a thunderstorm is quite a character-building event. One I hope I don't have to do again. o_O

Also, I started to remember how much my friends mean to me - it turns out that the majority of my friends are either doing really well right now, or they're on the way to doing really well, which is a great feeling. There are very few of them that seem personally lost or in limbo. It makes me really happy to see them doing well, and for some of them - really happy and excited. :) I had forgotten how much that affects me.

I finally started drawing again. It's been ages, but yesterday after I got back from the trip (totally exhausted), I started doodling stuff while relaxing and I think I'll finally be able to finish a piece again, which has been many years coming :) I'll be sure to post it up once I'm done.

And for the random book recommendation: if you never have seen Found, it's a book full of random things that people have picked up and sent into a Davy Rothbart, who collected them all and put them in a magazine. Once there were enough of these random notes, love letters, doodles and sometimes just receipts, he made this book. Anyways, that book was completed a few years ago, and he just recently released Found II, which has more of the same interesting stuff. It's a beautiful view into random people's lives. Have you ever looked around and people watched and wondered what's on different people's minds? These books answer that question by showing little slices of random people's lives from all over. Its truly fascinating. Well worth getting down in Sugar Land and hauling back up to Dallas on the bike :)

So yeah - for all of you that I was able to see this weekend - you rock! Hopefully there will be more get togethers like that more often. Stay happy! :)

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