All at the same time

So I was tossing back and forth whether or not I had the energy to stay after work tonight for the figure drawing class. I felt pretty bad since I had to miss the last two weeks, but still decided I was way too tired (I haven't been sleeping recently - don't really know why, my body just doesn't wanna sleep), and as I was walking to the elevators to leave, the art lead of the team I'm on (great guy, heads up the drawing classes) saw me and called down the hall asking if I was leaving. So, I decided to stay.

I was a little late in, and today was a long pose (one of the reasons I was thinking about not going - it's been too long, and I'm not comfortable enough with the base figure to do a confident long pose), so we spent a little time warming up with gestures before getting down to the 2.5+ hr pose. I tried to sketch during gestures and what came out looked more like alien abominations than the human form - especially since they gestures were quick enough that I never got a full body sketch (only a few minutes on each). And once we got to the main pose, my heart just wasn't in it - which is a shame, because today was the first male model we had, and I was really looking forward to it (I find myself able to stylize the female form more easily - so even a picture that is slightly inaccurate can still be an interesting piece - I need more work with the male form). So away I go, trying to take what I see and translate it to the massive newsprint in front of me.

The night ended up being a lot more interesting than I expected. There were only 4 of us there and the model, and we all (all of us and the model) ended up jamming to the music and taking movies, music, comics, all kinds of random stuff (speaking of which, I am going to have to dump the money into buying the whole Sandman series at some point). We eventually went into things like passion and how people live their lives, from seeing them to imagining them, from good to bad. It was truly inspirational, beautiful and painfully gut-wrenching all at the same time. An insanely amazing experience. At the end of all of it, I looked down at the long pose I was working on, and I can see the different parts I worked on as different topics came up - and weirdly, some of the parts I am usually terrible at, came out decent, while some of the stuff I'm usually good at weren't so hot. Very very strange. It's not a good piece by any stretch of the imagination, especially since when I started the base sketch I really didn't 'feel' like drawing (and that never goes well), so I was building off of that base. Anyways, I've said that I'd post my pictures once I did them, and I'm going to - I'll take a camera into work tomorrow and snap a picture.

On that note - I am working on 3 other pieces at home (digital), just trying to find the time to do everything at night - working out, drawing, going out, reading, setting up stuff at home, and city trips - lots of stuff to balance. Once those are done, they'll be up here. On the plus side, one of the pieces that I was just blobbing paint onto, I decided to do a little detail work, and it came out really well, which is probably going to help me finish it up.

Right now I have the strongest craving to jump on my motorcycle, pick a direction and drive until I'm out of gas or exhausted, park the bike and fall asleep under the stars, without caring about getting back or anything else.

Edit: link to the picture from that night

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