End of the world!

One thing that the deck at the new house is great for is thunderstorms. There's a pretty bad one that's coming through this area, but isn't quite here yet, so I decided to go out on the deck and watch the sky (Vincent, of course, wanted to accompany me).

Wow. It is absolutely gorgeous watching the lightning tear across the sky and light up the landscape - almost as if it wants to get a glimpse of the world below by lighting it up momentarily. It was in many places over the landscape too. I even managed to get some pictures - with my digital camera, no less! (those of you who have ever tried to capture lightning - especially with camera with no configurable shutter speed - you know how much of an accomplishment that is).

Quite the sight, definitely. After a while, there was one blast of lightning that stretched across the full sky, covering my entire field of vision and lighting up the area almost to the level of daylight for a moment. It was so visible that I managed to react, raise the camera and take a photo of the tail end of it before it disappeared. Now what happened about half a minute later was an earth shattering barrage of thunder - the kind that literally moves the earth, makes you lose your balance and feels like the end of the world is coming - ala War of the Worlds or something. (I don't know if I lost my footing because of the deck shaking, or my legs just got wobbly from the sounds of the buildings shifting all around me). It was about this time that my cat ran and cowered by the door, and promptly got distracted by a bug and starting rolling around with it. It's nice to know that if the world were to come to a violent end, my cat would be thoroughly distracted by a small bug. =P

I ended up sitting outside through about five of these massive streaks of light and earth shattering thunder until it started to rain noticeably and it was time to go inside. Really makes you realize how large and massive the world really is around us. Truly beautiful, no less.

Edit: pictures! the first massive earth-shattering crash of lightning, a freaked out kitty, the last massive crash before I retired to the inside

Plus, rain would be good right now, since there's a drought in the area. :)

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