Alright, so I hate that I've been meaning to post for days, and then I constantly either forget or don't have the energy to get all my thoughts out, so they dissipate into nothingness. What fun is that? So anyways - here's some random musings for those of you that are bored reading the internet.

Wed: Alright, another figure drawing class came and went last Wednesday. I can't remember why, but I had barely slept the night before so I was totally exhausted - which is a shame, because that was one of the days where I was just on fire (at first) - the model 'spoke' to me on an a very right brain aspect, and I got quite a few sketches that I really liked out of it. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people, and so I was stuck in a chair instead of an art seat thingy (that holds up your sketchpad, too). So a combination of my arms getting exhausted quick, and my body just being damn tired forced me to leave after only an hour - boo. But, I got some very cool figures out of it, pics to be uploaded next time I take a camera to work. :)

On that note - I added pictures from the last few posts where I said I would put pictures - including lightning and my poor sketch from a week or so ago. Not too good when I look at it again, but I figured I said I would put it up, so I did.

Fri: Got an interesting link at work Friday. An absolutely astonishing website - We feel fine. It's a site made by these two tech guys that made a site that will scan new posts from a variety of blogs and search for sentences that have "I feel..." in them somewhere and capture them. After that, they are all presented in beautiful ways. Truly an amazing place to just dive head first into a sea of the world's emotions - to see real people's real feelings. Truly and absolutely beautiful. I found myself just clicking through all the sets of data and a bunch of the quotes, just to see what people were thinking. It's truly interesting to see one of those feelings and try and guess the context of it. What an awesome application of technology to visualize human lives and emotions. They also made a site called Love lines, which does a similar thing, but with people saying things from a range of "I love..." to "I hate...". I'd strongly recommend that one as well, because you can rapidly click through those one by one. Even better (or worse, depending on how you look at it) is that it's constantly scanning - so it's different every time you go back. Remember - it's non-fiction there. Those people are real. Fascinating.

Went out and saw a spectacular songstress in Deep Ellum on Friday (from Austin, ironically). Here's a link to her myspace, which has some of her songs. Very very cool - a combo of old fashioned music, jazz and vocals. Was a really fun time, and the venue was a little cozy cafe - good music and food - fun stuff :)

Sat: I am not impressed by the rock climbing gyms in the DFW area. That makes me sad :(

Sun: Started off the day meeting a bunch of sportbike riders from dfwsportbike.com going through a bunch of country roads way up north on the road to Oklahoma - fortunately the meetup was only a few miles from the house, so it wasn't bad. Once I got there, there were maybe 10 bikes, and more and more just kept showing up - there must have been 25-30 total! So we all rode up the freeway and out to the country roads and stopped at a gas station to get ready to go. I knew I wasn't the highest skilled so I hung out at the back but got caught in the first 5 or so when we left the gas station.

Let's just say I was humbled pretty damn quick. I always felt comfortable on the bike, but never rode close to the limits of it. My chicken strips (for those who know what they are) are huge, and I have no problem with that. Yeah - we got out to the first big twisty (which was a damn long curve), and I've never had the bike that far over - I was really proud of myself for not panicking, and riding through it without incident, but I knew then that these guys were way outta my league, so as soon as the next straightaway came, (had to go through a few shorter twisties with my heart nearly leaping out of my chest) I let the 20+ guys behind me take the lead, cuz I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up without going way way outta my comfort zone and probably wrecking. I was really glad we had a guy who was willing to keep up the rear (there were two of us that were enjoying the landscape but couldn't tear up the twisties - although I was really afraid the other guy was gonna crumple his new R1...), so I was able to 'ride my ride' and do them at my confidence level and catch up at the stops. More than that, it was cool to not be 'looked down' on or anything like that when I showed up at the end of the line - all the people were cool (primarily I think cuz they all know how much it sucks to wreck a bike...).

Here's a pic of all (most?) of the bikes.

Turned out to be a really fun ride, and I got a lot of good practice on the bike. I also realized that although I ride a sportbike, I dunno whether I'll ever ride it like a sportbike. I love taking the bike out and making trips on it and enjoying the scenery and the rush of being outside, and although there is something exciting about leaning hard into the turns and taking the bike to those limits, I think I'd rather keep the bike as upright as possible. =P I think my poor sportbike has a cruiser-minded owner.

Shiny side up is more important than thrills, methinks.

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