Dad wins Christmas

Another goofy family Christmas spent sitting around the living room taking turns opening presents, from sincere to goofy gifts and corresponding expressions on everyone's face. Then there was one last gift to mom, addressed "Open Last". I didn't do it, my sister didn't do it, and my didn't didn't do it (or so he claimed). So my mom opens it up and squeals with joy and says "Omigosh! It's the perfect gift!" She went over and gleefully kissed my dad and we found out what it was - a dvd version of their wedding, from 1975 (which was previously on Super 8 film).

It also turns out that this was the first time my mom and dad (and grandmother) had ever seen the video. Apparently the person who took it was a family friend and didn't send it to them until years later, when they no longer had a Super 8 player. So there we sat, watching my mom and dad in their prime and giddily in love, getting married. It was a pretty breathtaking view into the past at my culture. Just even imagining them sitting there, what it must have been like (a full six years before I was born). It certainly gave me a different view on my parents and what they have been through and done up until now. There was something really soothing about seeing my dad do something romantic for my mom like that. Certainly made Christmas a little nicer. :)

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