On a lack of originality

Sometimes I certainly feel a little silly having a blog that is becoming nearly half populated with nothing but xkcd comics, but they're just so damn funny and sometimes a little too close to my nerdy real life.

Now this one is funny on its own, but even more so because I've actually had an experience where the line in the last panel was almost verbatim a part of the conversation! How crazy is that? (I happened to be on the receiving end of said line)

I've also gotten into the unfortunate habit that leaves me with a billion little 'thoughts' that I want to blog that live as drafts here. Well, I want to put my thoughts up here more and drafts less, so I've finally completed all the drafts I had so far, and hope to do it less often. Here are the completed posts:

12/06/2007: Floating on a raft with friends
12/03/2007: Sex... and hearing it
12/02/2007: No jalapenos please
11/18/2007: Victory
11/13/2007: Inspiration and dreaming
11/08/2007: Stale wine and morning breath
09/29/2007: A wonderful Coffey wedding
09/25/2007: Stream of consciousness

And now, I absolutely must sleep, because it's way later than I should be up right now. Oyasuminasai! Yoi yume o!

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